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"Working with Skyworks is like having your own crystal ball.

He sees into the future and heads off tech problems before you've even got out of bed in the morning."

Andrew Bean
President, Rare Look

Find the best VoIP solution for your needs

We partner with a telco organization of your choice to build a custom Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone solution that suits your needs.

But what is VoIP? At its simplest, your voice calls send data over the internet instead of a landline. This lets them enjoy the same speed and flexibility as your emails and Slack messages.

Whether you need IP telephone systems, teleconference devices, Polycom or something else entirely, we'll make it happen. Our mission is ensuring that your team is always able to talk.


of the average call is silence.  You still pay for that silence on a landline (

Not so on a VoIP call!

Internet calls are just better

VoIP makes you leaner and faster



Average cost savings over landlines


Average call minutes saved per day


Typical annual decrease in VoIP costs

Frequently Asked Questions

How is VoIP different from landlines through Telus or Shaw?
Do I need a high priced internet connection?
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