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Chris Gabel, founder of Skyworks IT

Hi, I'm Chris

Meet Chris Gabel - the man and method behind Skyworks.

Chris has been tinkering with tech before he could even tinker with the laces on his shoes. Having ripped his hair out countless times over the years dealing with annoying software, he took a sacred vow to dedicate his life to making sure other people don't have to suffer.

Chris helps each and every client personally. And he's ready to alleviate whatever tech issue is bothering you at this very moment.

Customer testimonial quote

I greatly value all you have done over the years.

Chris was absolutely fabulous to work with over a period of 12 years. He was endlessly patient and kind with hundreds of staff members over the years each varying in technical computer competence, working throughout the transition from paper to electronic EMR and the constant growing changes an EMR and imaging brings to a practice. He helped us to continue to grow painlessly.

Chris was also great to work with because he didn’t just fix the problem, he taught how to fix the problem

I don’t know how many times I would have asked the same question if he hadn’t gone through step by step and shown me how to adjust my problem. I was confident enough to help my colleagues when needed.

He made me a much more competent computer user, skills that I still use daily (Outlook, PowerPoint, Adobe, phone application of emails, Netcare and VPN’s to name a few) He treated all technical requests with the same importance and never once made anyone feel silly for asking a question.

He always made himself available off-site and took all concerns seriously. He respected the fact that our line of work was time-sensitive, and always responded promptly.  

Thank you, Chris, for your endless time and patience and your willingness to go above and beyond in a forever variable workplace.

Katherine Milton
Manager, Calgary Retina Consultants

Customer testimonial quote

He has become a part of our family.

During the fifteen years we have owned our furniture stores in Vancouver, Chris has been the best computer technician we have had by far. Chris has been looking after us for about ten of the fifteen years.

Not only is he reliable, but he is also trustworthy and dependable. Whether it be a serious problem or a sill question, he always handles each and every one of us with the utmost patience, kindness and respect.

Being spontaneous and efficient at the same time are two of the necessary qualities which Chris has mastered, hands down.

Definitely a one of a kind computer technician.

Lesley McDonnell
Owner, Roche Bobois

Customer testimonial quote

You owe it to your team to hire Chris.

Chris understands what most IT companies don't: how a solution is presented is just as important as the solution itself. He is astonishingly effective at helping you understand complicated tech terms, by simply talking to you like a human being.

Working with Skyworks is like having your own crystal ball. He sees into the future and heads off tech problems before you even got out of bed that morning.

Chris is a generational tech talent. Simply a wonderful human being who I can't recommend highly enough.

Andrew Bean
President, Rare Look

Customer testimonial quote

His attention to detail is high.

I have had the opportunity to work with Chris for several years, most recently on developing a sound system for a chapel used by the elderly and ensuring we have the ability to live stream.  

He garners a thorough understanding of the challenge at hand and the customer we are endeavouring to serve, and then provides both options and recommendations - all of which are appreciated.

Evelyn Stewart
Direct of development, Father Lacombe Care Foundation

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